I latched onto the idea of telling Henry's story, but as a psychological thriller with the audience in the box with him for the duration of his trip. I thought inside the box.

Sometimes you find the story and sometimes the story finds you. As a director I always want to make a film that is not only very stylized but that sparks conversation, as a person I want my stories to say something about Humanity. While Boxed was sparked by a conversation with Karyn Parsons about Black History, it also very relevant to present day where migrants are being sold as slaves in Libya and the present environment and hostility in the country. The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing.

Very often society forgets that them can very easily become us. I chose to make Boxed the way I did to to remind the audience as they watched and experienced what Henry Box Brown with, that we are accountable when we stand aside. Whether in the past or the present, if we stand aside we are part of the problem. Boxes and chains can be both physical and mental.